Changing Your Garage Into the Productive Home Office of Your Dreams

Estimates claim about 36.2 million Americans will work from home by 2025. Remote workers need more room to separate from their families to focus on business. If you do not have a spare room, you may wonder where you can put your home office. To create a productive workspace, set your sights on the garage.

Cleaning Out the Garage

Before you can transform the garage into your home office, you may need to clean it out. Working next to cleaning supplies, old linens, boxes, and other storage can distract you. Make separate piles in the garage for items to donate, things to throw away and items to keep. For organizing the items you save, consider roll-out shelves to hide items while working or other storage options within your home. For example, you can store essential items in an attic, closet, or basement. Adding storage around entry doors can organize shoes, outdoor gear, beverages, and other things that often stack up next to the garage door.

Consider a car cover if you were keeping your vehicle in the garage before. A cover can protect your vehicle from the elements, depending on where you live. Think about climate before determining the type of cover you need. Mild temperatures may not require heavy-duty covers, whereas locations with harsh winters or hail may require strong material. Additionally, you can add extra features like door zippers and reflective strips.

Choosing Comfort for the Office

Contractors do not construct garages with office space in mind. Your garage may not have built-in heating and cooling. To keep warm or cool, respective of the season, you need insulation and a system that keeps your office at a comfortable temperature. If your office becomes an icebox in the winter, you will not want to stay at your desk. Consider portable space heaters and fans for a temporary solution. Permanent solutions include adding new insulation and installing an HVAC system.

Instead of the hard concrete flooring, lay down carpeting. Rugs and carpets are stylish, and they also provide insulation to the garage. You lose less heat when inside a carpeted room.

Creating a Productive Space

According to research, clutter drains your mental energy. If you have a cluttered desk, you may notice that you tend to fiddle more with supplies and knick-knacks as the day goes on. Clutter takes up space in your mind when you do not realize it. Your brain works harder to ignore the mess around you. Creating an organized space where you can easily reach all of your important documents and supplies helps you stay on task.

Different colors may also affect your mood. For instance, light purple walls relieve tension and create a peaceful atmosphere. Home office colors should encourage productivity and relaxation. Some colors may be overwhelming over long periods.

Your office may benefit from different tech accessories. If you have a laptop, a stand makes it easier to work on it throughout the day. Ergonomic keyboards allowed for using the computer without exacerbating carpal tunnel syndrome. Many workers enjoy innovative technology to control lighting, music, timers, and phone calls.

If you work from home and have a garage, it may be time to rethink a renovation. To turn your garage into a welcoming workspace, keep comfort and productivity in mind. Your home office should be where you want to work throughout the day.

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